Agoraphobic Moment

So...I'm missing out on going with my nieces and nephews and family to the Halloween neighborhood party in our town..Just too many people..most I don't know..I hate that my chronic illness has made me heavy, so I get more embarrassed to be around people. I feel like they are going to judge me, secretly make … Continue reading Agoraphobic Moment


How my Chronic Illness Began

11 years ago,  my world was turned upside down. I was hospitalized for shortness of breath, severe back and chest pains, and weird visions. Doctors quickly thought I had pneumonia. Within minutes I remember the sounds of the machines beeping like crazy, nurses coming in and turning my bed down, headfirst. Iv's going in my … Continue reading How my Chronic Illness Began

Pain that gets you down for days

Hi Warriors and Friends. I hope whoever is reading this is doing alright. Well as some may know my recent hospital visit has left me feeling crappy. Wonderful steroids, aka Prednisone, leave no feeling to be desired. I hate that med just as much as it probably hates me. So, I wound up feeling worse … Continue reading Pain that gets you down for days